Everyone has access to email, and that's all you need to split and keep track of group expenses. Just CC in [email protected] and he'll keep tabs on who owes whom - in any currency. No more spreadsheets at the end of your holidays. No more endless bank transfers back and forth. Just DutchAndGo!

It's almost too easy. And it's FREE. There are just 3 quick things you need to know.
01 split
So you paid €120 for everyone's dinner last night, or have just paid $900 for the group's hotel, and want to split the bill? Simply email all the friends with whom you want to SPLIT the bill, and CC in [email protected] Bob will email you back your new balances.
split currency amount # comment
In this example, Bob will know to split the £120 bill equally between Alice, Brian and Charlie. The balances of both Brian and Charlie will be updated to reflect that they each owe £40 to Alice.
02 balance
So you've been SPLITting and SPLITting and SPLITting, and you want to know who owes what to whom? Just email the word BALANCE to [email protected]
In this example, Bob will reply to Alice with a summary of who owes her cash (yeah!), and who she owes (damn!).
03 paid
So you just lent a friend $100 or perhaps finally repaid them the €30 you owe them? Email both your friend and [email protected] to tell them what you've PAID. Bob will email you back your new balances.
paid currency amount # comment
In this example, Bob will know that Brian has paid £900 to Alice, and adjust both their balances accordingly.
And that's that - you've learned everything! If you have any more questions perhaps they're answered below.
Can I use different currencies?

The amount can be almost anything. Bob will let you know if he doesn't understand:

$99,99; €50; 50€; £20; R49.99; USD100; 600DKK.

It can even be negative to indicate that you received money back or to reverse out a previous instruction:

-$200; -GBP199.99; -45€.

Bob will take care of the exchange rates when combining your balances.
I made a mistake. How do I undo?

If you have sent your mates and Bob an instruction with the wrong amount, just send the exact same instruction again to them all, but with a minus sign in front of the amount.

So to undo the instruction:
SPLIT £5000 # hotel booking

Send Bob another email with:
SPLIT -£5000 # ooops my typo

It helps to put in a comment explaining what you have done.
Bob is ignoring me.

Bob will ignore any instruction that contains an error. If he has understood your instructions, he will reply almost immediately.

Unfortunately he can't reply to you to explain the error because sometimes it is automated systems that could send an error, and the Bob and that system just chat back and forth all day!

So if Bob is ignoring you (perhaps wait up to 30 seconds), just email the word HELP to Bob, and he will reply with a summary of what he does not understand.
How often should I settle up with my friends?

The beautiful thing with Bob is that he never forgets. So you never need to worry that you need to quickly settle up with your friends. No more of those tedious bank transfers. Yay!

In fact, most of the time what friends owe each other often comes out in the wash over time. Just keep taking turns to SPLIT your expenses, e.g. have one of you book the flights while another books the hotel.

That said, we all seem to have one of those friends who never seems to pay for anything. Occasionally ask Bob for your BALANCE, and if you see that someone is taking the piss, call them in!
I have lent a friend some cash. Can Bob help?

Sure! If you've lent a friend say $1000, just send an email to them and Bob with the instruction:
PAID $1000 # the cash i lent you

When they have paid you back you have two options:

Either you send them and Bob an email with the instruction (notice the minus):
PAID -$1000 # thanks for repaying me

Or they send you and Bob an email with the instruction (notice no minus):
PAID $1000 # you got my back bro!
I have a whole lot of receipts. Can I batch them?

Yup! If you're a power user (and the lucky one to do the shopping all week), you can tell everyone (and Bob) your joy with a single email. Just start and end your instructions with !!!. Bob will add them up (even across different currencies), e.g:

split $350 # flights
split £500 # hotels
split $50 # breakfast
split $20 # coffee
split $14.54 # uber
Where is the rest of the DutchAndGo website?

Ha! The best part of DutchAndGo is how simple it is. So simple in fact that there is nothing more to this website.

Simply enjoy your interactions with Bob via email.
What about the subject line?

If you only have one instruction for Bob (e.g. to ask your BALANCE), you can put it in the subject line of the email rather than the body.

If you put a valid instruction in the subject line, Bob will ignore the email body.
How does DutchAndGo make money?

Donations, donations, donations!

Tell Bob it's a job well done with a quick donation. It takes seconds and really helps!

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